Monday, 7 May 2012

You are what you wear..Or are you?

In this modern time I believe that people should be free to wear what they want without the criticism or being labeled, regarding their choice of clothing. However, what I believe and the norm are two different things.

“The clothes make the man/woman”, isn’t just an offhanded comment, it is literally practiced in society, where a person’s character is judged or determined based on their attire.

People should be free to wear whatever makes them comfortable, whether it’s a close fitted dress, a suit or plain jeans and t-shirt.

I do realize that there is a time and place for everything, therefore for certain venues a dress code is definite. However, your interpretation of your style into that dress code is your choice. Whether people think it’s too bright, short or loose fitted, if it’s what makes you comfortable, then wear it.

Clothes are sometimes used to determine wealth, personality and the character of a person. It’s a pity some people don’t realize how ineffective that is most times.

The very person who is dressed in the latest fashion and walk around with an air of authority, which is sometimes attributed with wealth, can be in that very moment, mentally calculating how to pay the next bill. Who knows, they might have been coming from an interview that require that sort of dress and it’s the only one they had.

Short or tight fitting clothes are not indications of promiscuity or bad character, despite some perceptions. There are a number of reasons why people dress the way they do and despite the fact that it’s their choice, there are a lot of ways to explain their reasons, psychologically and otherwise, but I won’t get into that.

I am not saying or condoning people walking around in underwear or practically naked, because we can all agree that there are some things we rather not see, but people shouldn’t be judge based on what they wear.

A man may walk around in clothes that some might not consider as ideal attire but who are you to decide that. Just because his clothes may be baggy or not as tailored as some would like, doesn’t make them any less of a person or diminish their importance in society.

Clothes aren’t a direct indication of wealth, criminality or promiscuity. The most effective way to find out about a person is through getting to know them and if society allows a person’s appearance to be the defining factor on whether to try to understand a person, then we will forever be ignorant. It comes as quite a surprise to some people when they actually take the time to get to know an individual, rather than relying on their first judgment based on sight. Many times the personality is totally different than what the clothes perceive.

On the other hand, there have been instances when the person literally wear there personality on the outside, but those instances cannot be used to generalize everyone because not everyone is like that.

It is unfair to the unsuspecting individuals who are denied or criticized based on how they dress.

I have always been a fan of self expression and whether you are puzzled or annoyed by a person’s attire, it is and always will be their choice.

Quit judging overall, whether it’s by appearance or otherwise. What is worn doesn’t necessarily define a person; the most important thing is who they are inside.


  1. I absolutely love this post ! I have to admit I sometimes judge people based on how they dress. You have presented this in such an interesting manner it is surely something to think about.


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