Thursday, 17 May 2012

Is choosing to live single the equivalent of living a lonely and boring life?

Many people at this moment cannot imagine their lives without that special someone. They have become so accustomed to he/she being around that the single life is unimaginable and undesirable to them.

In this day an age it’s not archaic to decide not to enter a relationship. Neither is it abnormal, it’s all up to choices. Sometimes the choice to refrain from relationships is fueled by past hurt, while sometimes it’s just a chance to reflect on life or to find ourselves.

Though some of us are enjoying the companionship in a relationship and take the ups and downs with stride, it isn’t a crime if someone chooses not to.

However, those who are living the single life by choice will definitely point out that their choice to not be in a relationship, doesn’t mean they are lonely. They are still happy individuals who are comfortable with their lives as is and occasionally go out and have fun with friends. Their life still has fulfillment despite not having someone specific on an intimate level to share it with.

Why choose single life

Being single can be viewed as a means of empowerment, the act of being you and surviving on your own without having to rely on anyone for emotional support. Their actions and choices are carried out without having to take into consideration another person’s choices or feelings in order to come to a decision. Persons may choose to be single and are comfortable with it for the following reasons:

  1. Choosing to be single is by no means a life sentence of loneliness and boredom. Persons who choose this can still experience a happy and fulfilled life.

  1. Single individuals draw fulfillment from friends, family and by indulging in activities that interest them.

  1. Some consider relationship as bondage and as such indulge in the freedom of being on their own, living the single life and interacting with people socially.

  1. Being single is sometimes also considered as just a break from the intimacy of relationship and so this route is chosen for an indefinite period of time until they choose otherwise.

  1. There are also instances when individuals consider themselves to be too busy to function in a relationship and live their lives through these activities, seeing relationship as not an area they want to explore in their lives right now. They consider relationship as a future endeavour and choose not to change it to a present practice.

Relationships can be fun

Living the single life by choice is a common practice in society and in no way clashes with the persons who choose to be in relationships.

It’s highly unlikely that single people (by choice) are nostalgic about relationships. I am not saying that single people will never decide to be in a relationship, just pointing out that in their lives and by their choice, it is not an option at the moment.

Relationships can be fun; the joy of having that one persons that you feel connected to that offers comfort and seem to understand you, but not everyone feel the need to have someone in there life for that purpose. Some are happy and content as they are and truthfully it is entirely up to them.

Single life by choice doesn’t mean boredom and loneliness, it’s an individual’s decision on how they want to live their lives and there is nothing wrong with that.

What’s your take?


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